What is The Sandbox? 

The Sandbox is a coworking space where individuals come together and work better in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals than they would working alone. We've combined the best elements of a coffee house and a professional workplace. Our members share similar values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with and around people who value collaboration, community, and innovation. 

Who can occupy the sandbox?


Who feel a sense of isolation working from home or not having an office to go to.

Employees & Employers

Grow personally and professionaly. Retain talent by investing in your workforce.


Fuel your business and have direct access to other skills and resources.

All Professionals

Be involved in their community and help it grow.


Hello! I'm Mollie.

Behind The Sandbox

I firmly believe entrepreneurs are the future (and current) solution for sustainable economic growth and my vision for The Sandbox is to be that launching pad. If you walked into The Sandbox today, you will find yourself surrounded by members from all walks of life. Corporate partners, students, entrepreneurs, freelancers and community members ALL are welcome.  And with our vision, The Sandbox will always advocate innovation, community, collaboration, inclusiveness, risk-taking, and creativity.


Thank you for your continued support! 

The Space