Mulberry & Grace and why I believe in this vision...

I didn’t know what to expect when Carmen approached me with bringing self-care sessions to The Sandbox. It wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind when planning out the types of classes and events we’d put on in our coworking space. Usually you stick around the entrepreneurial and professional topics we are all used to: marketing, finances, HR, business plans, what to do as a new business owner, funding, etc. So self care? Like go to the gym, drink more water, and get some sleep? Not necessarily. Sitting in her first session, I quickly realized that I was amongst 13 other women who share similar daily feelings, experiences, and struggles. I was surrounded by like-minded women who are career-focused and seeking a sense of balance. So when asked why such a personal topic to conduct in our coworking space I’d argue that what I’m learning and experiencing has both a direct impact on my professional life and my personal life. It’s “mindfulness in the workplace” with a tablespoon of “living with purpose” and I love it. It’s fearless and powerful and I’m proud we get to provide something like this at The Sandbox.

Her first session was about routine and how we, as women, define routine differently. I was pleasantly surprised that this was a super conversational class versus Carmen projecting her beliefs onto her audience. I got to listen and relate to complete strangers. I was able to leave with tools I learned from others on how to deal with certain situations on the daily, and especially in the workplace. Not to mention - I met new people.

Carmen is relatable, honest, and witty. She isn't afraid to tackle tough topics, but maintains a sense of ease throughout. A bold balance of laughter and vulnerability. Her classes are steeped in experience, research, and thoughtful conversation. 


Why The Sandbox Blog?

Yankton (that includes me!) needs to be better at showcasing the talent we already have here, the entrepreneurial momentum we possess, our members, the cool projects we have going on, as well as boomerang community members like myself; those that have moved away and are back or those that are considering the move.

We need to change the misconception that the quality of life isn’t here, that to be innovative you need to move elsewhere, and that doers, dreamers, and creators can only achieve their goals in metropolitan areas. Coming from someone who’s lived in major cities for the past seven years- this is not accurate. 

And that’s what I intend to do with our blog. Help showcase who’s here, what we’re doing as a community, and create something great together. 

This means I want to hear from anyone and everyone who has a story to tell. Entrepreneurs success stories as well as failures. Non-profits and their goals for the community. Potential small-business owners. I want to hear it all! 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!